Foreshortening Characters With The Rayman Technique

by 08.24.2017

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to dynamically pose and foreshorten your comic book characters using the Rayman technique.

This foreshortening technique gets its name from the video game character Rayman, whose design consists of floating hands. And in much the same way, you’ll discover how to place and scale the hands of your comic book characters to foreshorten the entire arm in perspective.

What’s special about this particular foreshortening tutorial is that it doesn’t require to overthink or analyse how the arm needs to be foreshortened on a logical level. Rather, it encourages a more creative approach to foreshortening that gives you more freedom to compose the pose of your character with impact.

As an added bonus, you’ll also get to see the time-lapse recording of the illustration featured in this comic art tutorial.

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Software Used: Photoshop
Realtime development time of the illustration: 5:00 Hours

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