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SKITS in a Wagon!

by 08.04.2021

Creator and illustrator Michael Siegenthaler shares a visual masterpiece teaser through his Concept Art Series for SKITS: THE SON, BOOK 2. This digital speed painting in photoshop gives a glimpse into the crazy adventure of SKITS from his popular and InDemand graphic novel SKITS.

Music by Cevin Key- Scaremeister

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Creator, Illustrator, Writer- Michael Siegenthaler
Editor, Co-Writer- Carshénah Jefferson Siegenthaler

@skitscomic https://twitter.com/skitscomic
@CarshenahJ https://twitter.com/CarshenahJ
@come_get_some_2 https://twitter.com/come_get_some_2
@Verse_Films https://twitter.com/verse_films

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