by 01.31.2023

Hello Everyone, We are new here and wanted to introduce ourselves to everyone. We are looking for people to review issue 1 for us. Send me a message if you are interested on the socials or @ [email protected]


FiRSTWORLD is a passion project and an exercise in catharsis, born of the desire to reorganize the disordered  modern world and bring understanding (and humor) to apparent chaos. It is a fictional but almost  biographical parody of America in the postmodern age.

TELL US ABOUT THE COMIC: In an alternate timeline three-letter agencies are overthrowing the will of the people, zealots silence nonbelievers, poison is pumped into every household, and a handful of evil corporations control everything. It’s actually exactly like the reality we live in except funnier because it’s less puritanical.

Welcome to FiRSTWORLD where all of your favorite super villains from your current reality are conspiring to take over the timeline and the only thing standing in their way is their own incompetence. 

CONTENT WARNINGS: Political Satire intended to offend

ADDITIONAL INFO ABOUT CREATIVE TEAM : Our tiny, powerhouse team consists of Doc  Bishop, our creator and founder. Other team members include; Amy Good, a writer, designer, and illustrator.. Osiris  Santos Jr. is our full-time illustration. Antoine Blackman serves as Art Director and Lisa Beavers pulls  everything together as the production designer.


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