by 04.28.2023

Most of my work from 2018-present.

In order as they appear:

Jawbreakers Lost Souls
Jungle Comics
Iron Sights 1-2 [covers]
Pandemic [cover color]
Do As You’re Told: The Ballad Of NO
Mind Your Business
Expendables Go to Hell [Main Cover, Christmas In Hell art]
Monster Hunt: Let’s Get Kraken [cover D, Cover C color]
El Rushbo [card?]
Lonestar: Mind of the Monster [cover A color]
Magic Cop EP.1 [Reprint Cover]
CG Vacation: Heather Swain [pinup]
Terror in the Trenches Vol.1: Lady Satan [poster]
Through the Woods: Laura Langley
Johnny Phantasm ’85 [cover]
No Cover [cover]
Nosferatu by Narwhal [pinup]
Giant-Sized Tho-Fisted Manly Tales
“SCAB” [colors]
“Buck Thornton Always Gets His Man”
The Ghosts of Matecumbe Key [cover color]
Graveyard Shift vol. III [print]
Graveyard Shift vol. III [pinup]
Downcast Rise and Fall [cover A]
Cash Grab [Human Cecilpede Cover, Anna That Star Wars Girl print]
Liam Gray [Youtube icon]
Exciting Comics 06
“Hot Flash Vs Spida”
Jungle Comics [personal illustration]
Barack Panther
Planet Comics 0?
Shanna the Firehair 01 [cover]
Black Hops: Hair Trigger [pinup]
The Barak Panther Vs The Tremendous Trump 01
Brutus the Badass 01 [cover color]
Samurai And Dinosaurs [cover]
Cyberfrog 2: Rekt Planet
VYZPZZ [cover color]
Salamandroid card
Exciting Comics 09 [Cat Girl variant cover]
Cyberfrog: American Hopper
Cyberfrog: Lily shor story
Bass Reeves: Vintage Photo [color]
Bass Reeves [cover color 1.2,4]
Bass Reeves 01 [color]
Red Sonya 23 [cover color]
Bettie Page 01 [cover color]
Suicide Squad 49 [cover color]
Bettie Page 05 [cover color]
Bettie Page Unbound 02 [cover color]
Bettie Page Unbound 03 [cover color]
Bettie Page Unbound 04 [cover color]
Bettie Page Unbound 05 [cover color]
Bass Reeves: West of Hell GN [cover color]
Inciter Magazine [cover color]
Bettie Page Unbound 010 [cover]
Norah’s Saga 1-6
Nexus Triplet 01
Nexus Scourge

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