Charles Darwin Time Lapse Painting – Carl Sagan talks Evolution

by 09.12.2013

It’s been printed at Theadless! Available here:

A time lapse illustration of the incomparable Charles Darwin cradling a member of mankind’s closest remaining relative, a chimpanzee, made for the Threadless Science challenge, with narration on the topic of evolution by the legendary Carl Sagan.

In ‘Darwin’s Dangerous Idea’, Daniel Dennett called the theory of evolution the greatest idea that anyone ever had, and I tend to agree. To me, Darwin epitomises everything that is great about science, not only because of his discoveries and his prolific capacity to think outside the box, but because his theory fundamentally underpins the way we view the world and ourselves in it.

Recorded over a time span of approximately 15 hours, this illustration was done digitally using Adobe Photoshop dual brushes on a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet. For reference, I used a photograph by Leonard Darwin thought to be taken in 1874, eight years before his death.

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