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Jon Snow’s Respawn Time – Micah and The Hatman!

by 10.07.2017

Ever had someone complain about an entire medium and what makes it what it is? As if they’re wanting to do something else but won’t actually do it? Then they look like a douchebag because they’re complaining about something because it is what it is and they don’t like it? Well, let me say something. There’s a reason I use the “spaghetti and cheeseburger” analogy when it comes to video game critics. Games writers are now acting like the problem with video games is that they’re video games. That you play them instead of watching them. They’re saying the problem with video games is that they aren’t movies or TV. It’s like going into an Italian restaurant, ordering chicken fettuccine Alfredo, and then complaining it isn’t a cheeseburger.

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