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by 02.13.2020

Bad Idea will produce a limited number of series, releasing only one to two issues per month. Priced at $3.99, each issue will come in a prestige-format package, and there will be no variant covers, no digital copies and no collected editions, as Bad Idea will instead focus on the single-issue monthly format. To that effect, the company will initially self-distribute its titles to 20 select comic book retailers. However, more will be added to that list over time, with plans to increase to 50 stores within the first year.

With such a limited volume how will Bad Idea make money? I think I have the answer, and I share it in this video.

The Indie art in the opening crawl was provided by the talented artist at:

El Krudo: https://www.elkrudo.com/

C Thomas Anderson: https://twitter.com/CThomasAnderso1

Sigil Comics: http://Facebook.com/sigilcomics

Pillowman and Blanket Boy: https://www.pillowmanandblanketboy.com

If you have an indie comic and want to add your comic book art to the crawl just let me know.

Music: Music: https://www.bensound.com

Want to write your own indie comic? Get started here: “COMIC BOOK SCRIPT (HOW TO WRITE YOUR COMIC IN 2020)”

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