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Are you wrong about COMICSGATE? Debunking misconceptions

by 11.04.2022

Ethan van Sciver tweeted four common misconceptions about Comicsgate. Let’s go through them! Please leave a comment about what you think. Are there any other misconceptions we missed?

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Misconception: “ComicsGate doesn’t want any politics in comics.”

Truth: Stories with political messages are great, when stories come first, the politics are subtle, and all viewpoints are permitted.

We’re definitely against using comics as propaganda for social engineering.

Misconception: “ComicsGate is against Variant Covers on comics.”

Truth: Variant cover incentive scams from publishers to retailers, (buy 100 copies to get this 1 special variant) are killing comics.

Publishers directly offering fans and collectors more CHOICE is always good.

Misconception: “ComicsGate is against diversity in comics.”

Truth: Everyone should be welcomed into this hobby. When comics are excellent, diversity is the natural result.

We’re against Forced Diversity, where representation is the primary concern, and story suffers.

Misconception: “ComicsGate wants women out of comics.”

Truth: We want activists out of comics, and that includes feminists who don’t seem to like comic books, and demand changes of them to suit a bizarre worldview not shared by the majority of fandom.

These folks aren’t fun.

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